Our degree programs and individual courses from our standard course library are designed with academic excellence providing the student with the opportunity for advanced higher education within their choice of studies offered. All degree programs have the option of including ordination. Or, you can obtain

ordination separately along with the option of utilizing our ordination registry and renewal services. 

About DLSM


Our Mission Statement ​​

Though the educational mission of DLSM is singular our application is broad; teach, prepare and fulfill the great commission by becoming educated representatives of God.  As our graduated students go into all venues of life continuing the momentum of assisting others through Biblical understanding, principles and application.   

DLSM is all about Christian Education

DL School of Ministry (DLSM) Bible College was established in 2016 as an International Multi-Denominational Bible College to meet the needs of individuals who want to learn more about God in their daily lives by increasing their Biblical Knowledge thru the benefits of taking classes when its convenient for them and/or utilize higher education within various ministerial or today’s world fields.