About DLSM Gift-Ed Tuition Store

For those students who want to view courses, tuition and related payment plans available and/or enroll online, we provide you our DLSM Gift-Ed Tuition Site.

Although, Gift-Ed is on a separate site, it is a department of DL School of Ministry (DLSM) and all tuition / enrollment transactions completed at Gift-Ed.education is immediately sent to the DLSM Administrative office for student processing. 

If you have any questions about DLSM Gift-Ed Tuition Store at
Gift-Ed.education, please contact our Administrative office at:

Email:​  admin@dlschoolofministry.com

Tel:  615.592.1379

Toll Free: 877.343.8003 

Please Note:

We are getting ready to upgrade all of our systems in the near future.  When this happens, our DLSM Gift-Ed Tuition Site will be unavailable during the full duration which may exceed 4 weeks.  Although, we will do everything possible to complete our system change in the most timely manner possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

posted by the administrative office

Gift-Ed a Department of DL School of Ministry

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