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7 Academic Departments to Earn Your Degree or Certificate Goal

Whether you choose a degree or certificate program you will receive collegiate level studies that are designed to enhance the theological approach in christian education while preparing you to go into various ministerial and/or work related fields.

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Department of Biblical Studies


Associateof Biblical Studies (ABS)

Bachelors of Biblical Studies (BBS)


Department of Biblical Counseling


Department of Customized Studies


​​Standard Course Library​​​

Department of Doctoral Studies

Department of Seminary - Ordination

​Department of Specialized Education 

Department of Pastoral Studies

Academic Department Index

​​​​DLSM's transfer department is where we evaluate and anticipate your transfer opportunities within the DLSM Credit Transferring Policy.  Whether you've previously attended a university, community or Bible college, etc., all transferring credits will be reviewed, on an individual basis, with credit award determination to follow. More

Our criteria to meet transferring credit awards is a combination of standard religious academia credits and those awarded at the community college level.

Student Life at DLSM

Ever wonder what it's like to be a student at DLSM?  The answer is, it's easy because you can study and accomplish your christian education goals on your timeline.  Whether you've chosen to take your exams online, email, fax or by standard mail, we will always work with you to meet your requirements to assist you to meet your religious / educational goals.   More