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Our degree programs and individual courses from our standard course library are designed with academic excellence providing the student with the opportunity for advanced higher education within their choice of studies offered. All degree programs have the option of including ordination. Or, you can obtain ordination separately along with the option of utilizing our ordination registry and renewal services through our seminary department.



Our Biblical Christian education along with our personalized approach in your studies, prayer support and financial aid will help build a foundational element that will help you for the rest of your life.

Become a member of the DL School of Ministry student & alumni congregational family.

Welcome Applicants,

We welcome you with diverse interests, backgrounds and perspectives that come from one, multi or no denominational affiliation and ready to build your academic, religious knowledge.

Curriculum Built Upon Our Christian Faith

Our curriculum is developed upon our Christian faith with academic opportunities for creativity and enthusiasm. Whether you've chosen one of our degree programs, seminary or a certificate program, our instructors who are real-world theologians and pastors will be there to assist you to achieve your academic success.

  • Please note requirements for admission may differ for degree levels, seminary and individual courses from our standard course library

Admissions Process

​The admissions process at DLSM is designed to help you learn about our academic programs as well as supporting you throughout your degree, seminary or individual courses and it begins with the following;

Transparency: all p
rograms and individual courses have detailed requirement information to assist the student in making an informed decision about their program and/or course selection

Enrollment Counselor: assigned to each student to assist in choosing the right program, requirements to enter and graduate, including if DLSM is the right Christian College for you.  The student has the choice to opt out of this service if services provided are not needed.

If you have questions or want assistance to enroll into DLSM contact us at any of the following methods;

  • Tel: 615.7521379 / Toll Free: 877.343.8003 -  Mon-Fri 11:30 am to 6:30 pm MT
  • Email:  admin@dlschoolofministry.com
  • Email Chat Box on this site
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  • For more contact numbers and hours visit:  Contact 

To assist you in the application for admissions process, please review the following links; (these links are also available under the admissions tab in the navigation bar)