Application Process

Our enrollment/application process is quick and easy and if you choose can be completed 100% online.  Or, contact us and we will be glad to assist you in completing your enrollment via email or mail.


1. Fill out your enrollment/application online There is no application fee.

  • Request application form sent via email at:
  • Request application form sent via mail:  contact administration at: 615.592.1379

2.  Submit enrollment/application components. See detailed list of items you will need to provide to accompany your enrollment/application form at;

3.  How to submit your enrollment/application components;

  • Email:
  • ​Mail:  contact administration at 615.592.1379
  • Fax:  615.514.9647 

​4.  How do I pay my enrollment tuition;

  • Online at DLSM Gift-Ed Tuition Site; You can go there directly or on this site click on your program or course to be directed to its corresponding page on DLSM Gift-Ed Tuition Site.
  • Telephone​ the administrative office at;  615.592.1379 or Toll Free 877.343.8003 to pay over the phone
  • Mail  contact the administrative office for mailing address:  615.592.1379

What's Next In Your Christian Education

Once you have chosen your payment plan method and paid your tuition enrollment fee, you will receive your student welcome kit that contains your student private contact methods, security protocols, selection of student exam methods and any additional components that need to be submitted to the administrative office.  Once everything is received and confirmed, your application is sent to the Director for review and then to our academic department for processing and academic exam development.  Once you receive your textbooks and exam, you can begin your studies on your schedule.


​Application Process