Application Requirements

Application Requirements

Prior to applying, we recommend reading Our Beliefs / Position Statement and Honor Code


The following is the list of requirements to be submitted with your application / enrollment form

  • 1.  Enrollment/Application - there is no enrollment/application fee
  • 2.  Valid email address that you check frequently
  • 3.  Current mailing address
  • 4.  Current telephone (text, fax if applicable)
  • 5.  State ID or drivers license
  • 6.  Transcript from your highest graduated level of education

              * if not available call the administrative office for additional options

  • 7.  Transferring credits into DLSM, send transcripts via the appropriate DLSM method

              * see transcript submission guidelines

  • 8.  If enrolling as a minor, complete and include the DLSM consent to enroll as a minor form

               *  contact the administrative office for form and guidelines

Enrollment/Application Form

There are different Application / Registration Forms; please review carefully

  • If you are undecided about what program, course and/or requesting financial assistance - Use This form
  • If you know what program and/or course to enroll in and what to enroll online - click here  Please note: if you use this method of enrolling online, we need to confirm it is you. Once you receive the email confirmation link, click on it so we can begin processing your application. Thank you.
  • If you are applying for our new Associate (ABS) 2 year program or Bachelors (BBS) 4 year program their related application / registration form is found on their page

  Associate (ABS)
          *  Bachelors (BBS)

Enrollment Administrative Assistance:  to receive your enrollment/application form via email, mail, fax or need additional assistance follow anyone of the following methods;

  • Telephone: administrative office - 615.592.1379  Toll Free: 877.343.8003
  • Email:     
  • Mail:   contact administrative office for mailing address
  • Fax:   615.514.9647

Life Experience Credits

1.  Enter your detailed life experiences for credit consideration on the application/enrollment form.  If you need more space include your life experience information and send it via email, mail or fax at the following information.

a)   Email:

b)   Mail:  contact the administrative office:  615.592.1370  Toll Free:  877.343.8003

c)   Fax:   615.514.9647

Additional Information

1.  required in your security protocol paperwork that is sent separately to the enrolled student.  This paperwork is a step by step guide to additional items the student is to complete and send back to the administrative office.