Application Requirements

Application Requirements

Prior to applying, we recommend reading Our Beliefs / Position Statement and Honor Code

We designed our enrollment/application form and it's separate application requirements for ease of use. 


The following is the list of requirements to be submitted with your application / enrollment form

  • 1.  Enrollment/Application - there is no enrollment/application fee
  • 2.  Valid email address that you check frequently
  • 3.  Current mailing address
  • 4.  Current telephone (text, fax if applicable)
  • 5.  State ID or drivers license (photocopy)
  • 6.  Transcript from your highest graduated level of education

              * if not available call the administrative office for additional options

  • 7.  Transferring credits into DLSM, send transcripts via the appropriate DLSM method

              * see transcript submission guidelines

  • 8.  If enrolling as a minor, complete and include the DLSM consent to enroll as a minor form

               *  contact the administrative office for form and guidelines

Enrollment/Application Form can be submitted from this website, email or mail

  • Fill out online Enrollment/ Application form on this website by clicking here
  • additional paperwork to be sent via email at:

          (see transcript submission guidelines)

  • Enrollment Administrative Assistance:  to receive your enrollment/application form via email, mail, fax or need additional assistance follow anyone of the following methods;

  • Telephone: administrative office - 615.592.1379  Toll Free: 877.343.8003
  • Email:     
  • Mail:   contact administrative office for mailing address
  • Fax:   615.514.9647

Life Experience Credits

1.  Enter your detailed life experiences for credit consideration on the application/enrollment form.  If you need more space include your life experience information and send it via email, mail or fax at the following information.

a)   Email:

b)   Mail:  contact the administrative office:  615.592.1370  Toll Free:  877.343.8003

c)   Fax:   615.514.9647

Additional Information

1.  required in your security protocol paperwork that is sent separately to the enrolled student.  This paperwork is a step by step guide to additional items the student is to complete and send back to the administrative office.