DLSM's instructors are professional, real-world theologians and pastors who are accomplished in learning course delivery.  Each student is assigned an instructor that will help them develop skills that will enhance their academic/spiritual success.

Biblical Studies with Ordination 

Biblical Studies with Ordination

Associate of Biblical Studies (ABS) with Ordination ~ Distance Education

Bible College Department

What You Will Learn

This Associate of Biblical Studies offers an important curriculum regarding the Old Testament, New Testament and Gospels. The student will develop how to interpret the Bible, the meaning of historical context and philosophical aspects of the Christian religion.  In addition, this program offers elective  courses that are relevant in ministerial settings.  The full Ordination program offered with this ABS program will prepare you for ordained ministerial duties within the church and/or ministerial settings.

A Graduate of Associate of Biblical Studies (ABS) with Ordination May Qualify to Become a professional in a church ministry; pastor, evangelist, youth leader, missionary, assistant in Christian counseling or other related offices. Including becoming an ordained minister of the Gospel with credentials to become licensed.


Length of Study

The Associate of Biblical Studies (ABS) with ordination program is designed to be a 2 year course study.  However, the student has the option to graduate earlier, on schedule or after the 2 year paradigm.

Some of the topics you'll be studying are; Old and New Testament, How We Got the Bible, Introduction to Biblical Languages, Research Paper Development, Ministerial Ethics, Biblical Hermeneutics, Ordination topics and Ministry Related Electives

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What Tuition Includes;

  • Application/Enrollment Fee, Student Government Fee, Textbooks, All Courses in Various Course Formats, Graduation Certificate/Degree, 1 Transcript Copy. Additional transcripts are $15.00 per transcript
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How to Enroll

1. Complete Application / Registration Form.  You have 2 ways to submit your Application / Registration Form

2. Choose Your Payment Plan

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