The Focus of Your Education at DLSM 

All of our certificate and degree programs are designed and developed using the Bible.  Although, other colleges may offer non Biblical education in addition to Bible based studies, our focus is solely upon God's word as expressed by the authors of the Bible and publications that address and compliment the Bible.

What it Means to be a Non Denominational Bible College  more..

For your ease of review, we have placed our courses within program levels for those seeking degrees.  However, all courses, including our individual courses in our Standard Course Library can be taken separately or in a group "bundle" without acquiring a degree.  All certificate credits received from individual courses can be applied to a degree of your choice at any time.


Academic Departments

DL School of Ministry (DLSM) has 7 academic departments of study from undergraduate to graduate disciplines including the availability to customize your studies in our Specialized Education department, or if study customization is offered in your degree program. In our certificate program, customized studies is also available with individual studies from our Standard Course Library whether you choose categories or separate courses.


Commitment to Academic / Religious Disciplines

Every department within DLSM is committed to student education that is based upon a distinctive Christian perspective that is built upon our

Biblical, evangelical heritage.  


We exist to educate students to minister the gospel effectively in their homes, communities, country and abroad by becoming educated representatives of God through servant leadership.


Biblical Christian Education

 Biblical Christian Education

Explore the multi denominational Christian Biblical teachings from our curriculum catalog covering a wide range of topics from antiquity to modern times.  

Reflecting on God's Word, learning through multi denominational studies with critical thinking skills and how to apply them to fulfill God's calling on my life is important to me