Turn Your Life Experiences into Credits

​Life experiences are not only important but do count.  After all, you are the one who experienced them. That's why all life experiences related to helping others and/or ministry, in or outside the church structure, will be reviewed with potential of it being applied, in part and/or in full, towards entrance requirements towards any one of our Degree Programs that you want to enroll in. When filling out your student enrollment form, be sure to include the experiences you want reviewed for credit consideration.

Turn Your Courses From Our Individual / Standard Course Library into Credits

Not ready to commit to a degree program? not a problem, because all of our Individual / Standard Courses offers credits that can be applied towards enrollment requirements into one of our Degree Programs with no timeline for those credits to be applied.  This academic structure allows you to study your way into your degree goal with one course and/or category at a time. In addition, "the Pay As You Go Plan offered in our Individual/Standard Course Library allows the student to acquire their desired educational goal at  “our lowest discounted tuition rate.”

  • Individual/ Standard Course Library courses is a certificate program
  • if student chooses to utilize credits offered from a certificate course and apply it towards a degree program, additional study work is required directly related to certificate topic to activate credit transfer approval

Transfer Your Credits into DLSM

We accept all transferring credits into DLSM.  After our Transferring Credit Department completes their review a “transferring credit award” will be applied to assist the student in completing their educational / spiritual goal. 

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within a tuition framework that allows anyone to afford the opportunity to attend college.  Whatever you need we will be available for you and committed to helping you achieve your academic goals.

Credits:  Life, Standard Courses, Transferring

​​Credits: Life, Standard / Individual Courses, Transferring