Accreditation and Christian Education

​Christian Accreditation

Curriculum Built Upon Our Christian Faith

Our curriculum is developed upon our Christian faith with academic opportunities for creativity and enthusiasm. Whether you've chosen one of our degree programs, seminary or our certificate program, our instructors who are real-world theologians and pastors will be there to assist you to achieve your academic success.

Update:  Currently we are pursuing additional religious accreditation.  Once received, we will be posting this information in all appropriate social media and DLSM venues. 

What is Christian Accreditation?

​Accreditation is a process whereby educational institutions are qualified relative to the acceptance of credits and degrees in academia by an external quality review and/or the implementation of rules, guidelines and a standard of academics as set forth by the governing accrediting agency.

There is secular and religious education. Religious educational institutions can receive their accreditation by their own religious accreditation agencies since there is no requirement for Federal or State accreditation of a religious institution.  Religious accrediting agencies are recognized by various religions and Christian jurisdictions.

If a religious institution chooses to not pursue a secular (non religious) accreditation, it doesn't mean that the institution doesn't provide quality religious curriculum or the student hasn't earned credits due to extensive studies and exams within their program choice. 

At DLSM, we believe accreditation is foundationally essential because it assures quality Christian education programs.  This requires the institution to a defined standard of academics within a particular religious organization or Christian accrediting agency.

DL School of Ministry-DLSM is currently accredited with American Evangelical Accrediting Association as an extension college. As we grow, we will continue to seek additional religious accreditation to provide students a list of institutions where DLSM credits will be accepted.

However, all institutions can at their discretion choose to accept or not accept transferring credits which may include credits from DL School of Ministry-DLSM.  If DLSM credits are not accepted, it is not due to DLSM students not fulfilling a rigorous curriculum of standardized credits, it is due to the receiving institutions preferences as set forth by their governing board and bylaws.