​​​​Frequently Asked Questions

DL School of Ministry - DLSM

Bible College & Seminary

Q:   Who can enroll?

A:  ​ DLSM offers enrollment to anyone who is over the age of 18, has a educational desire about God and a heart to serve others.  For many students, DLSM's individual course certificate program in our standard course library and/or our Associate Degree program is of choice.  Others, who seek additional higher education will need to meet eligibility entrance requirements. 

-   To view enrollment eligibility requirements for Associate, Bachelors, Masters, Specialized Education, Doctorate, PHD and Standard Courses  click  Entry Requirements.  For Ordination go to  Ordination.

Q:  Are there any exceptions for someone under 18 years old to enroll?
Yes, there are 2 ways;

1.   the student can be emancipated from their parents through the U.S. court system.  For International students, emancipated from their parents or its equivalent as pertaining to their country of origin and/or residing in;  official legal documentation is required for Administrative office review

2.   one of the parents must sign the DLSM consent to enroll as a minor form;  request the consent to enroll as a minor form at the Administrative office

Q:   How do I register to get started? 

A:  ​ DLSM offers several ways to enroll,  

1.   via this site at Apply/Enroll

2.    have registration form mailed to you 

3.    have registration form emailed to you

  • - contact admin office at 615.592.1379 or email us at:admin@dlschoolofministry.com

Q:  ​Do I have to pay my tuition in full before I begin? 

A:  Only if you choose the 100% Payment Plan which requires tuition to be paid in full prior to beginning your degree program. However, Standard Courses - Separate requires tuition to be paid in full.

for information about tuition payment plans  click here 

Q:   Do you offer financial assistance?  

A:   Due to the "low-cost" affordability  programs offered we do not pursue offering financial assistance outside the DLSM Payment Programs.  However, we do offer a Tuition Financial Hardship Program.  You can find more information about this program at Student Services or at Tuition Hardship Payment Program

Q How long until I receive my first course?

A:  ​Typically, it takes 2 to 3 weeks for the administrative office to process the enrollment form, set-up student records and assign the student's preference regarding the method to take their exams; online, email, fax or mail.  Within this 2 to 3 week period, textbooks and a Bible is shipped to the student.  Depending where the student is located, the textbooks should arrive within the 2 to 3 week time frame.  However, deliveries due vary within the USA and is something we have no control over.  For our International students, its usually 3 to 4 weeks. However, it may be less or longer depending upon mail deliveries in your location

Q:  Do I have a time limit to complete my exams?        

A:   No, since DLSM's course/programs are designed around our students availability.  The student chooses when, where and the amount of time to study and complete exams.  There are no course/program exam time lines for completion.  Although, we do ask if you haven't submitted an exam within 1 year that you contact us so we know that when you have the time you will be continuing your studies.  

-   will we not suspend your student account for non-activity unless the student requests it

Q: What if I have an exam question?
A:  ​The student should contact the Academic office on the private student lines they received in their student welcome kit to be connected to their student instructor/mentor.​  We also have extended hours for our students.  To view student hours go to;  contact

Q: How many exams are there to complete each course within a program?

A:  It varies upon what program or course(s) you choose.

Q:  ​When I've finished my program, what do I receive?

A:  With our degree programs you will receive the appropriate degree per the students selection.,  For example, when the Associate Program is completed the student receives an Associate Degree.  The same applies for Bachelors, Masters and Specialized Education, Doctorate and Phd. With our Ordination program the student will receive a licensed Ordination documentation.

Transcripts will be filed in the Registrar's office along with credits received.  For our Indiviudal courses from the Standard Course Library a certificate is issued.  All credits received from their course studies will also be filed in the Registrar's office for future transferring into one of the DLSM Degree Programs upon the student's request.

Q:  Can I continue my education with you after I've graduated?

A:  Yes.  In fact we encourage it.  Whether its weeks, months or years later we believe an individual can only benefit by learning more about God.  And with the variety of programs and courses offered, with new ones being developed and added, we offer the optimum place for anyone's continued learning.

Q:  Can my credits be transferred?

A:  Yes, but only to colleges, etc., that will accept them even though we are an accredited religious Bible College.  Institutions can at their discretion choose to accept or not accept transferring credits which may include credits from DL School of Ministry - DLSM. If this happens, it is not due to DLSM students not fulfilling a rigious curriculum of standardized credits, it is due to the receiving institutions preferences as set forth by their governing board and bylaws.

For more information about accreditation go to accreditation


Q:  When I transfer credits into DLSM, how many DLSM credits do I need to complete my Program?

A:   It varies upon what program the student want to enroll in and the amount of credits being transferred in addition to any life experience credits awarded

Q:  Can I really transfer credits from my individual courses from your Standard Course Library I've taken and apply them to one of your Degree Programs?

A:  Yes.  And the more indivuadual Courses you take the more credits will be applied towards the student’s choice of Degree Program with no time line to transfer those credits.  What that means for the student is that they can transfer immediately, in the near future or years from when they completed their Standard  Courses.  In addition, this is the lowest cost tuition available to achieve your desired degree.

Q:  Are you accredited?

A:  Yes, through American Evangelical Accrediting Association a religious accrediting agency.

Q:  Why do you offer enrollment to anyone who is over 18?
God is not a respecter of persons nor is DLSM.  Learning more about God is a requirement as we develop and grow spiritually.  The only reason why the enrollment age is no less than 18 years old is  due to the current United States laws dictating when a teenager is considered to be an adult. Thus, allowing the individual to make adult decisions including attending DLSM.


Q:  What are the days and hours students can reach academic support?
Extended hours of operation are offered to our students through our Academic Office are;

Monday - Friday 11:30 am to 7:30 pm  MST USA

Saturday - 12:30 pm - 5:30 pm  MST USA

24/7 Communication methods:  email, text, fax, telephone & online
*  private student contact information is sent in student’s enrollment kit


Q:  What is Gift-Ed and why are you affiliated with them?

A:   In order to provide our student's with ease-of-use during the program, course selection along with enrollment process, we have expanded our tuition office to include DLSM Gift-Ed Tuition Store. Although, Gift-Ed is on a separate site, it is a department of DL School of Ministry and all tuition and enrollment transactions completed at Gift-Ed.education is immediately sent to the DLSM Academic office for student processing

Q:  Why do you offer Ordination renewals when Ordination should be ongoing?
A:   We understand that Ordination is considered a lifetime.  However, there are times in the ministry when someone needs a renewal or in other words, a refreshing of their Ordination either for personal reasons or to obtain an Ordination license in a particular state.  Upon receiving all requirements, new Ordination documentation is filed in the DLSM Ordination Department with the original sent to the individual seeking this service.

Q:  Why do you offer an Ordination Registry?
A:   Our Ordination Registry offers a service to those who want their Ordination, with or without license, to be listed with the DLSM Registry.  The benefits for the registrant are:

1.   choosing amount of information listed  Ex: name, address, church, ministry, contact information.  For those who want to utilize catalogued numbers only  - this option is available

2.  a reputable list of Ordination recipients for those seeking to review legitimacy of Ordination  status.  Ex: state, organizations, businesses, ministries

-  verification online at the DLSM Registry Site

-  verification via mail, email or fax from DLSM Administrative Office to requesting party

-  verification via telephone from the DLSM Administrative Office

-  marketing tool to advertise the services the Ordained individual offers

Frequently Asked Questions