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Please Note:

We are getting ready to upgrade all of our systems in the near future.  When this happens, our DLSM Gift-Ed Tuition Site will be unavailable during the full duration which may exceed 4 weeks.  Although, we will do everything possible to complete our system change in the most timely manner possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Our latest offering in Bible College Department is a Bachelors of Biblical Studies (BBS) 4 year study. This program offers courses for completion that prepares the student for effective work within ministry settings. 

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Now available! our latest offering in our Bible College department is an Associate of Biblical Studies (ABS) 2 year program. This program offers courses for completion that prepares the student for effective work within ministry settings. 

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We are beginning to update and move to our new site in the near future.  When we get closer to the transition date, we will post the information within the appropriate venues

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Currently we are pursuing additional religious accreditation.  Once received,   we will be posting this information in all appropriate social media and DLSM venues. 

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​We have just included to our curriculum the course "What Is Biblical Preaching." This is an open course which means it is available for all degree and certificate levels.

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Our Academic Department is developing new courses expanding our curriculum to all levels of degree including across our certificate program platform. The first course in Biblical Preaching will be available to all students within the first quarter of 2018.

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We have extended our 50% Off Enrollment Special in the Degree Programs Category until the end of the year!  Students can pay their enrollment tuition on our DLSM Gift-Ed Tuition Store or contact us for support and will receive the same discount.

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Exams for our PHD program in Pastoral Studies in now combined giving the student only 5 exams for completion.

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We have just introduced one of our first tuition specials for the fall season.  50% Off enrollment tuition in the degree programs category at our DLSM Gift-Ed Tuition Site.  This tuition special is for a short time only.  To view on this site go to;

Tuition Overview  or at DLSM Gift-Ed Tuition Store

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We are so blessed to introduce our new partnership with this ministry; Compelling-Creations.  They are a Christian inspirational company that is expressed through the designs of Jill Felts, the owner and designer.

These special designer items will be available soon on our site with the proceeds going to support this ministry!

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Launched our Weekly Bible Studies with Quotes segment

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We are informed we are a now part of the NAE, National Association of Evangelicals!

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Reached agreement with Compelling-Creations Christian Ministry to sell their products on our site of Gift-ed.education. Our goal is to launch this segment of our fundraising within the next 2 to 3 weeks!

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On May 28th 2017, we opened our college to the public.  Although, there is still allot to put in place “we are grateful to all of our supporters of prayer and encouragement” stated our Director during our last meeting.

“It is of no surprise, we’ve faced monumental challenges to launch this college on behalf of God.  But I assure you, although we are following the guidance of Christ regarding this endeavor, which is rewarding in itself, we also are following the spiritual mandates of fulfilling the great commission to help and assist everyone to learn more about God.  After all, we are all students of God in this life."  

Our meeting ended with prayers asking God's extended blessings upon everyone, to renew strength, spiritual insight and a constant fervor to accomplish everything God as asked us to do.

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All programs and courses are subject to change with and/or without prior notification.  If this happens, the student will receive the replacement study of work to satisfy the DLSM academic standards of credits.

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