Students - Authorization Release-of-Information Form 

We understand the inconvenience that might arise when the student wants to transfer credits obtained at DLSM to another receiving Bible College or other at the students request.  But in this day and age of less privacy available, we take your private information seriously and will protect your information without release until our 2 step process is initiated by the student.

  • this release-of-information security steps are implemented on behalf of all of our students whether graduated, current or future 

Upon request, student will receive Release-of-Information Instructions & Form.  
Send request to;

  •  attention: Registrar’s Office
  • Call us at 615.592.1379 or Toll Free 877.343.8003

Privacy Policy

​Privacy Policy

DLSM's Policies on Privacy

​​General ​ - All Departmental Forms of Communication

We are committed to keeping your private information safe. Our padlock guarantee is that DLSM will not share, rent, release or disclose any of your information, in part and/or in full.  Although, your information will be appropriately shared within DLSM departments to provide you a satisfying educational experience.​​

Required By Law Release of Information

DL School of Ministry - DLSM Bible College administrative office must receive a state or federally recognized court order for compliance of the request.  If received,  the student would be notified prior to their information being released and informed about the requesting party, reason of request, if stated, and address where DLSM is to mail the confidential student information..