Doctorate of Theology

Doctorate of Theology

Theology Doctoral Program

This theology program from our department of doctoral studies provides intensive course work of the Bible from Genesis to Revelations.  Included within your text is: Bible handbook, Commentary, Topical Fact-Finder, Theological Manual, History text, Illustrated Encyclopedia, Cross Reference Guide and Archaeological Updates.  This coursework includes exams, note research and a dissertation.

Payment Plans:   * additional discount applies

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Tuition Overview

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Program Overview

Theology / Doctorate - 30077

  • DT-30077 - Intensive study from Genesis to Revelations in addition to; main doctrines of Christianity, chronological sequencing of the Bible, historical stages of Israel, parables of Jesus, miracles and prophecies of the Bible, 613 Old Testament commands and highlighting 300 Biblical characters
  • DT-NR-30077.- note research submissions
  • DT-D-30077 - dissertation submitted following completion of all exams/ note research 

Short on Time?

The question every busy person has is, where am I going to find the time to go to college?​ The answer is simple - it's DLSM since our courses and programs are designed around the availability of our students. What that means is, our student's choose when they have the time to study, when to take their exams and when to make their next tuition payment.