We offers some of the lowest tuition rates for the level of collegiate studies offered.  In addition, our customized payment plans offers additional discounts with no interest or credit checks to qualify.

Individual Courses

Standard Course Library

Standard Course Library - Individual Courses

Achieve Your Academic Goal with Our Standard Course Library 

What Are Standard or Individual Courses​?

They are an academic library covering a wide range of Biblical topics from antiquity to modern times in our department of customized studies.  Typically, they are offered one course at a time but for those who want an additional depth in their studies we now also offer combined course work called categories.  All individual standard courses, whether in categories or taken separately, is a certificate program. 


All individual courses whether in categories or separate also offers credits that can be applied into one of our degree programs. What this means is that if you are not ready to enroll into a degree program you can still take individual courses that can be applied towards your future degree. 

  • Category studies offers additional tuition discounts. 
  • Courses taken from our Standard Course Library offers the least expensive way to achieve your academic or degree goal.

Certificate: Standard Course Library-Individual Courses