Biblical Counseling Program   

This Masters program in our Biblical counseling department is an intensive study of psychological issues for Christians inside and out of the church setting.  This study of work covers major psychological theories influencing Christians including; scripture based model for counselling versus Christian psychologists, perspectives related to psycho-therapists, the infiltration of psychology and the Bible, through the ending of Chrisitan psychology,.  This course work includes exams, note research and a thesis.

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Program Overview

Masters - Biblical Counseling -10010    

  • MBC.201.1 -  presents the need to establish a pure scripture-based model for counseling versus Christian psychologist’s whose practice is modeled on the concepts and procedures of secular psychotherapy
  • MBC.500.1 -  presents a Christ-centered approach to nurturing the believers spiritual life and confronting problems through exercising faith in Christ and His word within “person to person soul care” 
  • MBC-501.1 -  presents in depth perspectives related to psycho-therapists, research training through classical/avoidance conditioning to “eclectic” therapists
  • MBC-502.1 -  presents in depth study related to the infiltration of psychology and the Bible
  • MBC-503.1 - presents in depth study about how to “care for souls” through effective ways Christ works through believers as they minister God’s grace through conversation, prayer and practical help
  • MBC-504.1 - describes and analyzes major psychological theories influencing Christians and the importance of ending Christian psychology within the church
  • MBC-NR-10010  - note research submissions
  • MBC-T-10010 - Thesis: submitted following completion of all exams / note research​​

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