Customized Studies Program   

This Masters program in our customized studies department provides a unique opportunity for the student to choose six (6) courses for their work of study from our customized library catalog that offers intensive study from Biblical antiquity to how it applys today.  This coursework includes exams, note research and a thesis.  

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​​Program Overview

Masters - Customized Studies-10018

Choose six (6) courses from our library;


  • MCS-101.1 - presents the position that Acts is “teach theology” as it describes the Spirit at Pentecost and the disciples baptism in the Holy Spirit       
  • MCS-102.1 -  presents Biblical historical notes, facts, archaeological discover outlines, historical data and epitome of church history
  • MCS-103.1 -   presents an examination of God’s character as revealed through fifteen names used to describe Him in the Bible
  • MCS-104.1 - designed to answer 37 basic questions people have on the baptism of the Holy Spirit
  • MCS-105.1 - presents a complete understanding of life of Jesus and teachings in the New Testament.  Over 177 references from Old Testament prophecies
  • MCS-203.1 -  presents Flavius Josephus as one of the most important historical source of the entire biblical era and some New Testament during first century Christianity
  • MCS-306.1 - presents the purpose of prophecy and interpreting biblical prophecy 
  • MCS-310.1 - presents an everyday walk through Acts and the Epistles of Paul
  • MCS-420.1 - presents questions and answers in 3 featured areas of ethics; Christian and   scriptural, church doctrine and practical ministry
  • MCS -422.1 - presents how to separate fact from fiction within 16 major doctrines of the Word.   Includes index, glossary and appendix
  • MCS-501.1 -  a secular presentation as to why Christians shouldn’t use or dispense Psychology                
  • MCS-503.1 -   presents effective ways Christ works through believers as they minister God’s grace through biblical conversation, prayer and practical help

Required Elements:

  • MCS-NR-90010 - note research submissions
  • MCS-T-90010 - Thesis: submitted following completion of all exam / note research submissions

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