It takes teamwork or a partnering between different organizations to bring a special outcome. It also takes planning, preparation and allot of prayer. And this is why we are blessed to introduce our newest ministry partner Compelling Creations.  

They are a Christian, inspirational company that is expressed through the designs of Jill Felts, the owner and designer. Her designs are uniquely inspired by the word of God and the voice of faith by simply wearing each piece.

​A special thank you to Jill Felts and her team for advancing the work of God through her designs at Compelling Creations and partnering with us to support this ministry.

All proceeds from each piece sold helps support DL School of Ministry-DLSM Christian Bible College and our global outreach programs.  Click here to view Compelling Creations Jewelry at our DLSM Gift Shop or click image

For more information about the importance of supporting this ministrclick here

​Ministry Partner Highlight