Commitment to Academic / Religious Disciplines

Every department within DLSM is committed to student education that is based upon a distinctive Christian perspective that is built upon our Biblical, evangelical heritage.  


DL School of Ministry (DLSM) Bible College is a Christian education leader in innovative learning, exam models and tuition delivery systems.  We also offer course / program subject matter that is developed by "Biblically oriented" professionals to deliver relevant, applicable course materials and outcomes that prepares the student to succeed in any venue or workplace.

DLSM's instructors are professional, real-world theologians and pastors who are accomplished in learning course delivery.  Each student is assigned an instructor that will help them develop skills that will enhance their academic / spiritual success.

Seminary Department

Seminary Department

Your Education in our DLSM Seminary Program

DL School of Ministry (DLSM) offers a specialized series of studies for those seeking ordination. 

We uphold that Ordination is a special calling upon an individual by God. Once the individual is aware of this high calling, it is foundationally important to pursue Biblical education to further equip the individual with the applicable Biblical tools  to fully perform the ministerial calling God has placed upon them.

"Ordination should be applied as a personal, special
commitment between God and the individual. 
 It is truly one of the most high callings."


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Academic Departments 

​​All degree programs have the option of including ordination.  With certificate programs you can add ordination separately.

DLSM has 7 academic departments of study from undergraduate, graduate and certificate disciplines including the availability to customize your studies in our Specialized Education department, or if study customization is offered in your degree program.  If your looking for certificate programs you can find them in our individual / Standard Course Library that is in our Department of Customized Studies.

For your ease of review, you can click on Seminary Department Index to be redirected to its page, or any of the department listings to view programs with ordination.