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In today's competitive fields and growing markets the need for christian based knowledge that produces Godly results in the work place and servant leadership is growing.  With DLSM's degree program in specialized education you'll use your research and analytical skills to produce critical thinking to solve issues from a christian perspective.

From the beginning of your program course work, you'll be on an accelerated path towards graduation due to our academic support staff and learning community. And as you pursue your academic goal, you'll be achieving it on your timeline since you are in control of when your program is completed.

About Our Specialized Education Program

This program provides an intensive personalized education from our specialized education library and upon completion is worth more than a masters degree.  This course work includes exams, note research and a thesis. 

Payment Plans:  *additional discount applies

1.  100%
2.  50%
3. Pay As You  Go

Tuition Overview

Our DLSM Tuition Site is currently unavailable due to upgrading our systems. We apologize for any inconvenience.  Contact the administrative office for tuition at 615.592.1379 or via email at admin@dlschoolofministry.com

Program Overview

This program is designed for the student who wants to personalize their course topics by choosing any 7 courses offered.  This expansive covering program offers the educational platform for those who want a Specialized Degree in Education.


Select seven (7) courses from the library list:

  • SE-101.1 - Acts of the Apostles: presents the position that Acts is “teach theology” as it describes the Spirit at Pentecost and the disciples baptism in the Holy Spirit

  • SE-102.1 - Bible Handbook & Commentaries:  presents Biblical historical notes, facts, archaeological discover outlines, historical data and epitome of church history

  • SE-103.1 - Devotional; Names of God - presents an examination of God’s character as revealed through fifteen names used to describe Him in the Bible

  • SE-104.1 - Baptism of the Holy Spirit Handbook:  designed to answer 37 basic questions people have on the baptism of the Holy Spirit

  • SE-105.1 - Harmonic Gospels:  presents an understanding of the life of Jesus and His teachings in the New Testament while providing over 177 Old Testament references

  • SE-201.1 - Biblical Counseling and Psycho-heresy: presents the need to establish a pure scripture-based model for counseling versus Christian psychologist’s whose practice is modeled on the concepts and procedures of secular psychotherapy

  • SE-202.1 -  How We Got the Bible: presents ancient manuscripts and discussions on how the Bible has been preserved and handed down to generations

  • SE-204.1 - New Age Cults & Religions: presents information on new age cults, religions and groups. Discusses the “need to know” information that Christians should be aware of if they choose to minister to our current world

  • SE-203.1 - Josephus:  presents Flavius Josephus as one of the most important historical source of the entire biblical era and some New Testament during first century Christianity

  • SE-205.1 - Numbers in Scripture:  presents a guide to the study of Biblical Numerology or Numerics. Part 1 deals with the design related to the numerical features of the word of God. Part 2 presents the spiritual significance and connotations of numbers

  • SE-303.1 - Exposition of Revelations: presents a 4 step approach; preterist interpretation, historical interpretation, spiritualizing interpretation, futurist interpretation

  • SE-306.1 - Biblical Prophecy: presents the purpose of prophecy and interpreting biblical prophecy

  • SE-310.1 -  Paul - the Apostle: presents an everyday walk through Acts and the Epistles of Paul

  • SE-322.1 - Prayer of Jabez: presents a powerful production of ministry and the anointing of saints worldwide

  • SE-324.1 - Smith Wigglesworth: presents a man of faith who brought the Pentecostal movement into the  20th century.  Describes how to conduct a ministry with healings and miracles following​

  • SE-328.1 - He gave Pastors:  presents a comprehensive pastoral guide by 20 ministers.  Describes insights into personal and devotional lives, legal affairs, counseling, resumes and other aspects of pastoring

  • SE-330.1 - What the Bible says about the Holy Spirit: presents a commentary and what the Bible  teaches about the Holy Spirit and His work

  • SE-420.1 - Ministerial Ethics: presents questions and answers in 3 featured areas of ethics; Christian and scriptural, church doctrine and practical ministry

  • SE-422.1 - Bible Doctrines - A Pentecostal Perspective:  presents how to separate fact from fiction with in 16 major doctrines of the Word.  Includes index, glossary and appendix

  • SE-424.1 - Knowing the Doctrines of the Bible:  describes 47 doctrines within 11 sections. Subtopics include; the nature of God, origin of man, fact of sin, offices of Christ, atonement, destiny of the wicked, justification, sanctification and death

  • SE-430.1 - Missions in the Age of the Spirit:  describes the development of missions throughout the scripture from the early church to the modern church

  • SE-432.1 - Our Destiny:  presents various theories of Jesus’ return, post, mid and pre-tribulation while examining what the Bible has to say about end time events

  • SE-500.1 - Person to Person Ministry: presents a Christ-centered approach to nurturing the believers spiritual life and confronting problems through exercising faith in Christ and His word within  “person to person soul care”

  • SE-501.1 - House of Cards: a secular presentation as to why Christians shouldn’t use or dispense Psychology

  • SE-502.1 - Psychology and the Church: presents the background of psychological counseling  theories utilized by Christians, the absorption into Christian practices and the concerns about  integrating psychology with the Bible

  • SE-503.1 - Competent to Minister: presents effective ways Christ works through believers as they minister God’s grace through biblical conversation, prayer and practical help

  • SE-504.1 - End of Christian Psychology: describes and analyzes major psychological theories influencing Christian that is questionable at best to its detrimental effects upon and throughout the church

Required Elements       

  • SE-NR-10020 - note research submissions                                        
  • SE-T-10020 - Thesis: submitted following completion of all exams / note research

​Credit Transfer Department

​​DLSM's transfer department is where we evaluate and anticipate your transfer opportunities within the DLSM Credit Transferring Policy.  Whether you've previously attended a university, community or Bible college, etc., all transferring credits will be reviewed, on an individual basis, with credit award determination to follow.  More


DL School of Ministry-DLSM Bible College is a Christian education leader in innovative learning, exam models and tuition delivery systems.  We also offer course / program subject matter that is developed by "Biblically oriented" professionals to deliver relevant, applicable course materials and outcomes that prepares the student to succeed in any venue or workplace.

DLSM's instructors are professional, real-world theologians and pastors who are accomplished in learning course delivery.  Each student is assigned an instructor that will help them develop skills that will enhance their academic / spiritual success.

 Specialized Education 

Specialized Education