Student Life at DLSM

Learning at DLSM means you can finish the degree you started years ago or earn your desired degree goal to not only increase your spiritual knowledge but launch your career forward!

Explore why DLSM is the right Christian Bible College for you!

Financial and Studying at My Own Pace Concerns

Your education is exciting but can also bring concerns about finances and/or studying on your own. But at DLSM you can put your worries aside since we have "in house" programs to assist you financially as well as student academic instructors and spiritual mentors to help and guide you.   In other words, you'll never be alone due to our personal approach and commitment making your experience a perfect fit for your spiritual, educational and professional growth.

Starting Your Degree, Seminary or Certificate Program

The admissions process at DLSM is designed to be easy by enrolling online or through our academic office as well as learning about our academic programs and support you receive throughout your education. This is accomplished through the following;

  • Enrollment Counselor: assigned to each student to assist in choosing the right program, requirements to enter and graduate, including if DLSM is the right Christian College for you
  • Transparency:  all degree programs and courses from our Standard Course Library have detailed requirement information to assist the student in making an informed decision about their degree and/or course selection
  • Academic Support/Mentor:  assigned to each student and available through multiple contact methods. These private contact lines with extended days are hours are sent in the student's welcome kit
  • Prayer Support:  Prayer is at the very heart of God, and is why we have established a Student Prayer Request Message Line.  Students will receive their 24/7 Private Prayer Support information with their welcome kit
  • Tuition Hardship Payment Program:  Although, we offer low-cost tuition, we recognize there are times in a student’s life when they need additional assistance with tuition payments.  At the request of the student, we will review the availability of restructuring tuition payments to a lesser amount per payment, until the full tuition amount is paid-in-full   More about Tuition Hardship Payment Program
  • Graduation Counselor: assigned to each student to assure all graduation requirements are met within the student’s timeline
  • Placement Services:  upon request from the student,  DLSM will inquire about positions available within the student’s graduated specialty as well as providing a reference for the student with supporting documentation

Student Life