DL School of Ministry-DLSM Bible College is a Christian education leader in innovative learning, exam models and tuition delivery systems.  We also offer course / program subject matter that is developed by "Biblically oriented" professionals to deliver relevant, applicable course materials and outcomes that prepares the student to succeed in any venue or workplace.

DLSM's instructors are professional, real-world theologians and pastors who are accomplished in learning course delivery.  Each student is assigned an instructor that will help them develop skills that will enhance their academic / spiritual success.

Your Christian Education Tuition Payment Plans

We are committed to honoring our students by not draining their financial resources or incurring a student loan debt.  We also offer discounts when you choose our 100% or 50% payment plan. Or, start your education with only $145.95 with Pay-As-You-Go Plan offered with any of our Degree programs and some studies from our Individual Courses from our Standard Course Library. 

After receiving your enrollment tuition fee, all remaining tuition  payments are made per the student's chosen payment plan method that supports our Tuition Payment Plan Protocols (unless you've chosen the 100% Paid-In-full Plan).  If requested, the student will have extended time to reach financial obligations prior to graduation.

How this works 

With your enrollment tuition you receive your first course study materials and choose your method of taking exams; online, email, fax or standard mail. Once you have successfully completed and passed your course studies, you decide when you are ready for your next course. Prior to receiving it, your next tuition payment is due.  In other words, you are in complete control of not only your studies but your finances.

Tuition Plans Overview

1. 100% Paid-InFull Plan:  discount applies when you pay all of your tuition with enrollment

2. 50% Payment Plan: discount applies when you pay 50% at time of enrollment and 50% at student's mid-term 

3. Pay-As-You-Go-Plan: enroll with $145.95 and make payments until paid in full with our Degree Programs and some individual courses in our Standard Course Library - Category division.

  • degree programs have a set number of payments paid on student’s timeline  
  • standard course - categories have a different pay-as-you-go enrollment tuition
  • tuition hardship payment program available for qualifying students
  • no credit checks or interest on all payment programs
  • tuition payments made on student's timeline

For students needing additional financial assistance see our Tuition Hardship Payment Program​​

Tuition Payment Plans

Tuition Payment Plans