Undergraduate & Graduate Programs

Undergraduate & Graduate / Doctoral Programs

DLSM offers undergraduate and graduate programs to assist the students academic goals. Whether you are interested in an Associate Degree or PHD, we have developed curriculum to challenge you to learn in an exciting way. 

Our instructors are professional, real-world theologians and pastors who are accomplished in learning course delivery.  Each student is assigned an instructor that will help them develop skills that will enhance their academic, spiritual success.

All degree programs have the option of including ordination. Or, you can obtain ordination separately along with the option of utilizing our ordination registry and renewal services.

Degree Programs 



Specialized Education



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At DLSM Bible College I can receive my education in a timeline that works for me with instructors who are pastors and theologians

​​​"All courses I've taken are in depth and full of information I didn't know about even though I'm a Christian. Every time I had a question, my instructor was there for me. I would highly recommend pursuing your education here."