Credit Transfer Department

 Credit Transfer Department

DLSM's transfer department is where we evaluate and anticipate your transfer opportunities within the DLSM Credit Transferring Policy. This is accomplished by two departments; Registrar's Office and the Academic Office. Whether you've previously attended a university, community or Bible college, etc., all transferring credits will be reviewed with credit award determination to follow.

  • Our criteria to meet transferring credit awards is a combination of standard religious academia credits and those awarded at the community college level

Transcript Submission Guidelines

DLSM only accepts official transcripts
from other Bible college, University, Seminary, etc., that are sent directly from the educational institution where credits were earned via anyone of the following methods;

  • email to:
  • mail to: contact administrative office for mailing information  615.592.1379  Toll Free  615.343.8003
  • questions:  contact the administration office at: 615.592.1379 or Toll Free: 877.343.8003

Undergraduate Studies

If enrolling in the Bible College or Seminary Associate or Bachelors Program, the student needs to submit their High School Diploma or GED. These transcripts are to be submitted via email or mail following the transcript submission guideline as listed above.  If these documents are not available, contact the administrative office so we can assist you in finding resolution. Refer to transcript submission guidelines.

Graduate / Doctoral Studies

If enrolling in Bible College or Seminary Graduate or Doctoral Program, the student needs to submit their transcripts from their highest graduated level. Refer to transcript submission guidelines.

If you are enrolling in the Standard / Individual Course Certificate Program and not seeking a degree, no former education documentation is needed due to all Certificate Programs are categorized as open courses.

  • If the student decides to utilize the credits earned from DLSM certificate courses and seeking to apply them in a DLSM degree program, then asking for former education documentation may be necessary

International Students

Transfer credit determination is the same for all students regardless of the student's location. This allows every learner the opportunity to benefit from credits already achieved.


Military / Veteran students have the same maximum amount of available transferring credits.  These credits may come from military training  and/or college's attended during active duty or as a veteran.

  • If you are unable to obtain military transcripts, military students may submit a DD214 for credit award determination.
  • All veterans should submit a DD214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty)
  • Military Tuition Benefits