7 Academic Departments to Accommodate Your Degree or Certificate Goal

Whether you choose a degree, seminary or  certificate program, you will receive collegiate level studies that are designed to enhance the theological approach in christian education as well as preparing you to go into various ministerial and/or work related fields.

Application Process

Our enrollment/application process is quick and easy and if you choose can be completed 100% online.  Or, contact us and we will be glad to assist you in completing your enrollment.

Course Formats

​​​​Course Formats


DLSM’s distance education print-based courses/programs are completed through the interactions between the student and their assigned instructor via electronic or mail correspondence. 
Students receive their course/ program materials with specific instructions for study, exam preparations, taking exams, additional requirements if included within their course/program and submitting their work upon completion. 

  • The assigned instructor works directly with their student via student private contact methods as they progress through their course/program, answer questions, give feedback and guidance as well as grading the student’s submitted materials.


DLSM is a leader in innovative exam delivery formats which allows the student to choose the format that best suites their lifestyle.  Online, email; interactive in student’s inbox or pdf for desktop, by standard mail or fax.

All Certificate, Undergraduate, Graduate & Doctoral Study Textbooks

Textbooks have an integral part within the study process and is why we have implemented the use of hand held books as opposed to books online.  Our students can take their study books with them, write in them and utilize them to their fullest without the need of an internet connection or device to read their contents.  Although, students may choose to utilize the internet and devices to take their exams, we believe the benefits of using hand held textbooks outweigh the benefits of online books.

  • most textbooks are included in tuition and shipped to our students  (some tuition plans charge shipping while others offer free shipping)