Department of

Pastoral Studies

Department of Pastoral Studies

Commitment to Academic / Religious Disciplines

Every department within DLSM is committed to student education that is based upon a distinctive Christian perspective that is built upon our Biblical, evangelical heritage.  

We exist to educate students to minister the gospel effectively in their homes, communities, country and abroad by becoming educated representatives of God through servant leadership.

Earn Your PHD with Ordination in Our Pastoral Studies Program

This 5 course program provides an intensive study into the importance of the Pastoral Ministry. From the Calling of God to the congregation into all areas of the Pastors life. This comprehensive study includes exams, note research and a dissertation. The ordination program included is the same course work in our seminary ordination program.

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Program Overview


40070- Pastoral Studies/Theology with Ordination

  • courses included; Ministerial Ethics, Understanding and Pastoring Supernaturally, Pastoring the Pastor, He gave Pastors and the Pastor's Best Friend
  • PHD-PS-NR-40070 - note research submissions
    PHD-PS-D-40070 - dissertation submitted following completion of all exams/note research​

  • O-301.1 - designed for preparation for ministers, new or experienced in learning procedures,  scriptural references, ceremonies, appropriate sayings and suggested length for special occasions  within a respected conservative fundamental Christian view point
  • O-309.1 - designed to give the student information on tax laws and establishing ministry, principles, church structures and what is necessary for construction of ministries
  • O-NR-70033 - note research submissions      
  • O-T-70033 -Thesis: submitted following completion of all  Ordination exams / note research