Helping You with Your Tuition Payments

Although DL School of Ministry (DLSM) offers low cost tuition, there are times in a student’s life when they need additional assistance with tuition payments.  At the request of the student, we will review the availability of re-structuring tuition payments to a lesser amount per payment, until the full tuition amount is paid-in-full. The student will be notified within 15 to 30 business days if they are accepted within this specific program. 

a)   if student is applying for consideration at time of enrollment, the following applies;  

  • first full tuition payment is to be made at time of enrollment.  Student has 10  business days to contact this office for review consideration

b)  if student is applying for consideration during course/program studies, the following applies;

  • student must be up-to-date regarding their tuition payments.  Remaining payments due will be reviewed for consideration

send request to:

Or, contact the administrative office at: 615.592.1379 or toll free at 877.343.8003​​

How are we able to offer low-priced tuition with even lower payment plans? 

​It's simple.  We put our students first which includes not draining our student's financial resources or incurring an over-whelming student loan debt.  With additional discounts when you choose our 100% plan or 50% plan.  Or, start your education with only $145.95 with our Pay-As-You-Go-plan offered with any of our degree programs and some of our individual courses in our Standard Course Library. 


​Tuition Hardship Program

Tuition Hardhsip Payment Program​