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What You Will Learn

This Bachelors of Biblical Studies offers the importance of major biblical themes of the Old and New Testament, 1st temple period, Gospels and biblical languages while developing interpretational skills regarding historical context and philosophical aspects of the Christian religion. The importance and development of pastoral care with 7 core practice of ministry courses

A Graduate of Bachelors of Biblical Studies (BBS) May Qualify to Become a professional in a church ministry; pastor, evangelist, youth leader, missionary, assistant in Christian counseling, social service or other related offices. 

Length of Study

The Bachelors of Biblical Studies (BBS) distance education is designed to be a 4 year course study.  However, the student has the option to graduate earlier, on schedule or after the 4 year paradigm. 

Some of the topics you'll be studying are;
Old and New Testament Survey, How We Got the Bible, Introduction to Biblical Languages, Research Paper Development, Ministerial Ethics, Biblical Hermeneutics, Apologetics, Biblical Counseling, Missions and Practice of Ministry Related Electives.

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Biblical Studies

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