Earn your Bachelors, Masters or Certificate in our Department of Customized Studies

In today's competitive fields and growing markets the need for christian based knowledge that produces Godly results in the work place and servant leadership is growing.  With DLSM's degree and certificate programs you'll use your research and analytical skills to produce critical thinking to solve issues from a christian perspective.

From the beginning of your program course work, you'll be on an accelerated path towards graduation due to our academic support staff and learning community. And as you pursue your academic goal, you'll be achieving it on your timeline since you are in control of when your program is completed.

About Our Customized Studies Program

Whether you are looking for degree or certificate work, all programs and courses provide an intensive education covering areas of study that are specific to it's programs or individual courses.  Degree programs includes exams, note research and a thesis.  Individual courses separate or in categories includes exams.

Bachelors - Undergraduate

 Masters - Graduate

Individual / Standard Course Library​​​ - Certificate

​​The Focus of Your Education at DLSM 

All of our certificate and degree programs are designed and developed using the Bible.  Although, other colleges may offer non Biblical education in addition to Bible based studies, our focus is solely upon God's word as expressed by the authors of the Bible and publications that address and compliment the Bible.

Department of

Customized Studies

Department of Customized Studies