Biblical Studies with Emphasis on Holy Spirit ~ Masters

This Masters program in an intensive study of Biblical history with the emphasis on the Holy Spirit. The five courses on the Holy Spirit covers a wide range of topics from teach theology as described at Pentecost to what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit from importance to integration. The sixth course examines areas of ethics; Christian and scriptural, church doctrine and practical ministry.  This coursework includes exams, note research and a thesis. 

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Program Overview

 Masters / Holy Spirit - 10015

  • MBS-HS-101.1 - presents the position that Acts is “teach theology” as it describes the Spirit at Pentecost and the disciples baptism in the Holy Spirit​
  • MBS-HS-104.1 - designed to answer 37 basic questions people have on the baptism of the Holy Spirit
  • MBS-HS-105.1 - presents a complete understanding of life of Jesus and teachings in the New Testament. Over 177 references from Old Testament prophecies
  • MBS-HS-326.1 - presents the integration and importance of the Holy Spirit within the Bible 
  • MBS-HS-330.1 - presents a commentary and what the Bible teaches about the Holy Spirit and His work
  • MBS-HS-420.1 - presents questions and answers in 3 featured areas of ethics; Christian and scriptural, church doctrine and practical ministry
  • MBS-HS-NR-90010 - note research submissions MBS-HS-T-90010 - Thesis: submitted following completion of all exam / note research submissions

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Biblical Studies with emphasis Holy Spirit 

 Department of Biblical Studies

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